Sustainable Cleveland 2019: Neighborhood Climate Action Toolkit

People power is the answer to true and lasting climate action in Cleveland. This means that a citizen-centered approach is needed to align climate action with the assets, capacities and priorities of Cleveland residents. This Toolkit is intended to help neighborhoods and residents take actions to advance their neighborhood goals while also furthering Cleveland’s climate action goals.

Check out the toolkit to:

  • Learn more about the Toolkit approach, which builds on neighborhood assets and addresses neighborhood concerns beyond climate
  • Download tools related to climate change in Cleveland, identifying neighborhood assets and concerns, and developing neighborhood climate action project ideas

Overview of Climate Change in Cleveland : Learn about how climate change is impacting Greater Cleveland and what you can do to help.

Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative
Calculate Your Carbon Footprint
Cleveland Climate Action Plan
Cuyahoga County Climate Change Action Plan
Climate Effects on Health_Centers for Disease Control
Climate Change and Your Health_ American Society of Physicians

Download: HERE